As the co-owner of a small business for over 30 years, I’ve experienced the highs and the lows just like you. Woken up at 3 am wondering how I’m going to get orders out and cover payroll and hold a birthday party for my 7-year-old that day – yup, done that. Worked like crazy with the team to win a huge national contract and won it – yup, done that too.

I’ve done a lot, and learned even more. I’ve put new business processes in place, managed the money, hired and built teams, developed and executed plans, set sales goals and met them, fostered new opportunities, and led marketing campaigns. I’ve lived and prospered through challenges, triumphs, and economic and industry shifts. This direct experience makes my business counselling down-to-earth and immediately useful to you, from the first germ of an idea to your retirement party.

I love to contribute to the business community with mentorship, coaching, and training. I’m a Certified Business Counsellor and Certified Financial Literacy Facilitator, hold a Certificate in Adult Education and am a volunteer business mentor. One of my aims is to make business information and skills accessible and available to as many entrepreneurs as possible. I have assisted over 200 small business owners to date, and I love helping clients get closer to their life, financial, and community goals – one business success at a time.