If you are a solo or micro-entrepreneur, training and improving your skills is all up to you, and it’s often hard to find time to do it.  I’ve put together reviews of my favourite books which have helped my customers and I develop our businesses and ourselves.  So; if time is short, start here to see which ones will help you the most to:

  • Learn new skills such as selling, product development, and finances
  • Help you become a leader and employer
  • Increase business success as you develop your enterprise
  • Align your personal life and purpose with business goals
  • Overcome the overwhelm of being self-employed

I usually borrow books and audiobooks from the public library for free – but these are so useful – I have well-worn copies with stickies marking pages to go back to and sections underlined.  If you can, buy your own copy as a book or download it; you won’t regret it.

To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others by Daniel H. Pink

You can have the best product/service in the world, but if you don’t sell it, you don’t have a business.  Most of my customers, unless they have worked in sales before starting a business, find the selling part of their enterprise extremely challenging.   Pink shows how we all ‘sell’ all the time by ‘moving’ people: when you persuade your 7-year-old to go to bed on time, you are selling.  When you convince a supplier to ship the goods early, you are selling.

Read it if you need to work on:

  • A fear and/or distaste of selling
  • Increasing your sales (and who doesn’t?)

Best Ahaa! idea for entrepreneurs

We are natural salespeople, we have a selling instinct.  Anyone can master the basics of moving others.  The best salespeople are neither extraverts nor introverts, they are ambiverts, or average (like most of us – what a relief!)  The days of the pushy salesperson are over; the new ABCs of selling are not Always Be Closing, they are Attunement, Buoyancy, and Clarity.

Why I bought a copy

It is based on solid social science research but written in simple language.    Parts 1 and 2 explain why selling is human.  Part 3 is a practical guide to achieving the new ABCs of selling, with a ton of hands-on exercises.  For the section on ‘new’ pitches to replace the ‘elevator’ pitch alone, this book is worth buying.

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