I had been trying to balance on one leg in a yoga Tree Pose with my eyes closed without wobbling for more than 10 seconds for a long time. Balancing on one leg is good for strengthening your core, building healthy ankle and leg muscles, as well as being an indication of overall health.  But I couldn’t get past 5 seconds without grabbing the wall or collapsing sideways when I closed my eyes.  Couldn’t do it.

Finding focus

And then, I remembered my yoga teacher told me to choose a drishti (view or gaze) when balancing; an object or point on the wall or floor in front of me to help with concentration or balance.  Fixing on a spot on the floor helped stabilize me when I had my eyes open, but as soon as I closed them, I was about as stable as a stick blown in the wind.

Doubling results

But one day, I chose as my drishti the centre of a patterned cushion, with a design which looked like a bull’s eye on a target.  When I closed my eyes, standing on one leg, the bull’s eye remained in my mind’s eye, as objects do when you stare at them intently before closing your eyes.  I was counting – 4,5,6,7,8,9-10.  Eureka! With this one change, I had doubled my results!

I carefully repeated this exercise 10 times, to check it was not a fluke; standing on one leg, closing my eyes and counting steadily until I wobbled and fell over.  Then I took an average, and it was still 10 seconds.

So simply holding a focus in my mind doubled results instantly.  When other thoughts crept into my brain, like “this is amazing!” and “can’t wait to share this!”, I immediately shook.  Only the bullseye in mind; steady, 10 seconds.  Anything else in mind; wobble, 5 seconds if I’m lucky.

Apply this to your business

How does this apply to your business?  How can you double or triple sales, sign-ups to your social media, or the productivity of your staff? Define your business focus in a way which can be easily and clearly held in mind for your customers, you, and your employees and/or partners, and make sure the definition is about what you will do for your customer.  Then keep that focus in mind.   It really is as simple as that.  Do you own a beauty salon and your aim is that everyone leaves the salon feeling pampered and special?  Then that is your business drishti.  Do you distribute products and want to meet or exceed every customer’s expectations?  Then everything you do must be centred around that.  The results will follow.


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