Elizabeth Collis was a wonderful support to me as I formed my business.  Elizabeth’s expertise in business helped me in the development, promotion, goal-setting and monitoring of my new consulting enterprise. Her support was extremely valuable and I’ve often wondered what I would have done without her in the early days!  Elizabeth is an excellent listener and was able to provide ‘just in time’ support, resources and advice to help me tackle each challenge as it arose.  I left each session with Elizabeth feeling focused, empowered and motivated to embrace my next steps.

Nancy Anningson, Owner, ImPROVE Impact Strategic Consulting

ImPROVE Impact Strategic Consulting offers services to strengthen organizations – helping them to achieve their missions, improve their service offerings and prove the value of their programs and services. Consulting areas include:  Financial Management, Program Development and Facilitation, Organizational Development, Research, Evaluation, Stakeholder Engagement and Program Management.